Cleaning Services: Long-Term Clients

Codi offers two types of cleaning services - Standard & Day Porter.

One standard cleaning per week is included in a standard Codi contract. Clients are able to add additional services or more frequent services to help them better manage the space.

The standard cleaning includes trash removal, item restocking, sweeping/mopping, full bathroom cleaning, dishes, desk sanitizing & door handle sanitizing 

Codi also offers a paid Day Porter service based on client feedback to help Codi members better maintain their space between cleanings. This service, less than half of the cost of our standard cleaning, is a great way to keep your space fresh and tidy between cleanings.

A day porter clean starts at $215 per session and includes a general tidy-up, dish washing, item restocking, and trash removal. 

Feedback on the cleaning service? Is the workspace not being thoroughly cleaned? Please reach out to or leave a comment via the button at the top right of the help center. 

To request a day porter clean, please reach out to or your Codi customer success representative to initiate service.

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