Codi Kits: an easy way to upgrade your home-office!

Over the years, we’ve picked up some best practices on how to turn any home into a great workspace. Below are some Codi Kits we put together for your convenience.

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The Codi Essentials ~ $45

postits notebookwhiteboard pens

The Codi Work Environment ~$225

keurig             water            google home         succulent         gym pad

  • Nespresso or Keurig coffee machine makes it so easy to stay fueled with caffeine as you work through the day.
  • A Water Station next to your workstation is the secret trick to keep you hydrated and healthy all day.
  • Google Home Mini or Alexa Echo Dot smart speakers connected to your Spotify account for soft background music while working.
  • Succulent plants expose you to greenery which is highly beneficial to mental health - it was shown to reduce stress, restore attentional capacity, and improve performance (and you only need to water succulents once a week!) 
  • An Exercise Mat is essential in a corner of your home-office so that you take the habit of doing some regular exercise.

The Codi Tech Kit ~$300

tech1         tech2      tech3       tech5      tech6


  • Power strips (at least 6-foot long cord) will make your life much easier and open up work area possibilities!
  • This adjustable laptop sit-stand desk or this Macbook stand that you could put on any table are the basics of good ergonomics. Your neck is immediately straight, and you'll avoid the typical neck and back pain at the end of your workday.

ergonomics1 ergonomics2

  • A quality printer can turn out to be very handy for some offline work and low cost. Definitely worth the investment.
  • An HD monitor  can seriously boost your productivity thanks to the extra space, the more comfortable viewing angles, and so on.
  • A laptop vertical stand is a real game changer in transitioning from work to leisure time. Computers can quickly invade tables and your non-work space. This stand helps you store away your computer in a space-efficient (and elegant) manner. For $20 only.

The Codi Furniture Kit ~$350

desk     poppin-chairchair

From small spaces to large, our range of business-grade furniture recommendations can be mixed and matched to suit your employees’ preferences. If you’d like one of our experts help design a custom office-level productivity and ergonomic set up for you and/or your employees, please request a consultation.

Let's get started!

All Codi Kits can be shipped directly to you or your employees. We built an online catalogue for your employees so that they can pick what's right for them. Get a quote now.