Enterprise Codi Quality Checks

All Enterprise Hosts must pass the Codi Quality checks to be activated.

We have high quality standards for workspaces on the Codi platform. Note that Codi does not cover the costs involved to pass the check. 

Complete the Codi Quality Check

Fill out the online form with all the required information.

What's in the 18-point Codi Quality check?

  1. Quality photos
  2. Virtual Codi tour
  3. Coffee station
  4. Capsule coffee machine
  5. Water bottles or station
  6. Self check-in method (lockbox, keypad, smart lock)
  7. Check-in photos (3 steps)
  8. WiFi speed test
  9. Wifi network and password in Host Dashboard
  10. Hand sanitizer
  11. Sanitizing wipes
  12. Ventilation
  13. Cleaning schedule
  14. Comfortable or ergonomic chairs
  15. Power strips
  16. Restrooms and sink
  17. Private phone call area
  18. Codi signs displayed