What's expected of hosts?

To help create quality, reliable work sessions for members, we ask all hosts to meet five basic requirements:

  • Provide essential amenities: this includes good WiFi, power outlets, a work table/chairs, glasses/water, and a restroom

  • Cleanliness: every space that members can access, especially the living room, restroom, and kitchen, are expected to be clean and tidy

  • Maintain a high overall rating: members like to know they can expect a consistent level of quality

  • Open during work hours: we ask all hosts to maintain their availabilities during regular work hours, and avoid closing before 5pm

  • Avoid cancellations: we take cancellations seriously and ask all hosts to avoid cancelling on members as their work day depends on it


We recommend all hosts provide the essentials so members have what they need and have a productive work session. If you are missing some amenities, you can check our host resources section to order them.

  • Good WiFi

  • Power outlets (an extension is strongly recommended)

  • Work table/chairs

  • Glasses/water

  • Restroom (with toilet paper)

  • Coffee/tea


Members will expect the spaces they access to be clean and tidy, and conform to the pictures of your Codi profile. Make sure you give yourself enough time to clean before members arrive, and that your notification policy is adapted.

Members can rate the cleanliness of your space, and the rating will appear on your Codi profile. If you consistently receive low cleanliness ratings, you may be subject to penalties.

What is expected:

  • Clean every room that members can access, especially living room, restrooms, and the kitchen

  • Check that there is no hair, dust, or mold on surfaces and floors

  • Perform turnover between sessions:

    • Provide toilet paper

    • Clear trash

Best practices:

  • Make sure you give yourself some time to prep before the first open hour on your calendar

  • Leave some cleaning supplies and instructions in your space so members can clean after themselves

  • Check our host resources section to hire a cleaning service


Easy access and efficient check­ in are important to help members get to work and feel at ease. Members can rate their check ­in experience after their session.

Best practices:

  • Write instructions for amenities (coffee, WiFi, etc.) through your host dashboard - we will share it with members right before check-in so they can set up smoothly

  • Provide members with detailed instructions for accessing your home through your host dashboard

  • If you plan to meet members in person, make sure to coordinate a check-in time in advance

  • If you greet members in person, show them around the different spaces they can access, where to work, and how to use the amenities

  • To provide the best experience, set up the vibe with some nice background music, set up extensions for power outlets, and provide clear instructions on how to get water or coffee and how to access the restroom


Whether you are home or not, it’s important to remain available throughout the work session. Members rate the clarity and consistency of your communication.

Best practices:

  • Be proactive! Let members know you’re available. Reach out early to coordinate their arrival

  • If you are not welcoming them in person, you can text them at their check ­in time to make sure everything went smoothly, and there is nothing better than a hand­written note on the table to make members feel welcomed

  • If something in the listing changes (space, amenity or add-­on), tell members in advance

  • Lunch is an important moment during a tough work day! Let members know what local options are in your Codi description


Being honest in your Codi description will set the right expectations and improve the overall experience. You can help workers understand if your Codi meets their needs and work style by providing clear information and must­-know details (whether you have pets, if there are 8 flights of stairs to climb, etc)

What’s expected:

  • Accurate address (this is only shared after a member has booked)

  • Phone call area privacy details

  • Pictures fairly represent the condition of the space

  • Amenities are present and functional

Best practices:

  • Request a professional photographer

  • Write a detailed description of the space and surrounding amenities

  • Provide a Host Policy that sets clear rules around what you do and do not allow

  • Be honest about unexpected circumstances that will impact members’ work sessions. They need to know if there’s construction work close-by or many stairs to climb


Remaining consistent with your availabilities goes a long way. Members seek a quiet place to work regularly. Opening during normal work hours is critical for members to come back. Late hours can be a significant differentiator.

Best practices:

  • Avoid closing earlier than 5pm to avoid being disruptive to a worker’s day

  • Be open at least 2 days a week. It will allow members to get into the habit of working from your Codi

  • Keep your schedule consistent. We can help you provide access to your space when you’re not at home

  • Create breaks in your calendar. Members can’t start a booking during that time slot, but are allowed to stay. So members know they shouldn’t reach you when you’re at the gym or in a meeting

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