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Why did you decide to become a host?

Before I joined Codi I was trying to do my own startup. Working by myself from my house was very isolating. I used to invite friends over to keep me company, because I didn't find traditional co-working to be worth the money.

How much work is it? Was it easy to get started?

It's a little bit of work, but I enjoy the routine. I wake up earlier to make sure my Codi is ready for my guests, and I keep my house cleaner too.

Have your earnings allowed you to realize any goals you otherwise might not have been able to achieve?

Yeah we're having an incredible ski season at Tahoe this year and Codi supports my expensive habit. 🎿 ⛷️

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What's been the biggest surprise about hosting?

How friendly the community members are. Everyone is very respectful of my home and there's even a culture of giving back. Many times guests have brought things over to share with the space, whether it be flowers, coffee, or snacks.


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