Your members’ check-in can set the tone for their entire work session and their likelihood to come back. Making sure they can easily find and get into your space is a key part of creating a stress-free experience and ensuring positive reviews. Read on for your guide to check-in success.

Setting up your check-in instructions

This is the most critical part of ensuring a smooth access for your members. You can step access instructions in both your application and host dashboard (My Listing > Guest Resources).

Please make sure to include both a description and a picture for each step of the check-in process. You can add up to 3 steps.

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The key is to put yourself in the member's shoes, who's coming for the very first time.

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Step 1 : Include a picture of the front door or the street, and indicate the unit number.

What’s the first door the member will encounter? How can the member clearly recognize it?

If there’s a lock box or smart lock, circle it on your picture and explain clearly to the member how to find it.

If there are several keys: which one opens the first door? Should the member keep the key or put it back after opening the door?

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Step 2: What should the member do after entering the first door? Go right, left, straight? Is there a floor to go to? Stairs or elevator?

Is there a second door? Please indicate which key to use or any other code the member may need to get in. Include a picture of what the member sees at this step.

Step 3: Where should the member go after Step 2?

Include a picture of what the member sees when finding the workspace.

Good communication sets the stage

In a perfect world, all check-ins would be hassle-free, but things don’t always go according to plan. The best tool for combating unforeseen access glitches is clear communication between you and your members, and responsiveness around the check-in time.

Members see check-in instructions on the day of their bookings. The day before members arrive, it's always nice to let them know whether you’ll be there to welcome them or if they’ll be checking themselves in. Let them know how to reach you. It creates peace of mind and make them feel welcome.

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Always prefer a self check-in method

It’s important to consider your hosting style and availability when choosing a check-in method. You may be working when your members arrive, and they may need to hop on a work call fast after they check-in. Most hosts and members prefer the convenience of allowing members to check themselves in.

You can indicate in your listing details (in the section Guest Resources) whether you allow self check-in (a benefit many members search for), and provide check-in instructions that can be accessed by members straight from the mobile app on the day of their session.

Best practice: circle the lockbox on the picture!

Self check-in made simple

You can make it easy for members to check themselves in by providing a key or key-code for accessing your space. There are two main options for doing so:

  • Lockbox: It’s an affordable option (this one at $25), and most hardware stores carry them. Just make sure members know how to find it (a photograph of the location helps) and open it. Let them know in the check-in instructions what they should do with the key once they opened the door.

  • Keyless smart lock: These are more expensive and require electronic installation, but many hosts prefer them for their convenience. All you need to do is provide guests with the code, and they can enter key-free. Make sure to remember to text them to code before each session!

Leave check-out instructions inside your Codi

Whether you choose to personally greet your guests or allow them to let themselves in, you can leave a note on how to check-out or how to leave and come back for lunch for instance. The ideal places to leave this information are:

  • In the description of your last check-in step

  • On a post-it on the back of your front door, or in the center of the workspace

Make your guests feel welcome

The last step of the check-in process is helping guests get oriented to the space and making sure they feel welcome right away. “You want people to feel expected and welcome,” says host Tim from Brooklyn. Here are some things you can do:

  • Wifi: Prominently display the wifi code. Make sure it's included in the Codi Booklet and in the "Guest Resources" section of your Listing on your Host Dashboard. This is the first and most important thing members look for.

  • Codi booklet: Have a physical copy that’s easy to find with complete instructions on where to take phone calls and operating any appliances and amenities. Some hosts include their favorite lunch spots and happy hours!

  • Welcome note & snacks: Consider leaving a personalized, handwritten message if you can. A few chocolates are always appreciated... It adds a nice touch.

  • Water pitcher: Consider leaving a water pitcher in the center of the work table. Your members will likely stay 6 hours in a row working on their laptop, and keeping them hydrated will keep them healthy!

  • Follow up: Check in on your guests after they arrive to make sure they’re set up for a great work session. You can do this in person, or with a text message.

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