Members have various preferences, so it's crucial to offer them options.


1. What kind of coffee machine?


One key Codi standard is to have a capsule coffee machine. Why? It's easier for members to figure out how it works, it's always hot, and it's also easier for hosts to refill! We recommend either a Nespresso or Keurig coffee machine. They offer compact sizes for small kitchens.

Tip: to avoid running out of pods, use the "subscribe & save" feature on Amazon to order a regular quantity of your favorite pods each month. You can assume that each member will have 2 cups a day.

2. Your condiment bar


This makes a big difference for members. For approximately $20 upfront and $30/mo, you will wow members with this professional setup that puts your Codi to a whole new level.

What do you need?

  1. A Coffee Condiment Organizer (~$20): option 1 with cups, option 2 without cups, option 3 with the coffee machine on top, option 4 with cups & capsules

  2. Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer:

    1. 4 flavors - $19 for 100 count (Non-Dairy, Lactose-Free; Cholesterol-Free); or

      1. Original - $10 for 180 count

  3. Coffee Mate Original 3 Gram Single Serve Powdered Creamer Packets: 50 Count Box for $7

  4. Sweetener (sugar substitute) - 200 count for $9

  5. Tazo Tea Bags Assortment - 42 count for $18

  6. 12oz Disposable Paper Cup (without lids) - pack of 120 for $15

If there's some room, you can store your coffee pods in the organizer; if not, place them in a bowl or a jar right next to the coffee machine. It's also useful to indicate to members where they can get additional capsules in case they're running low.

Keep an eye on those supplies, and restock them as need be. That's when the "Subscribe" feature on Amazon comes handy!

You should be roughly spending $20 upfront with the condiment organizer, and then ~$60 every 2 months to restock your supplies. Of course, that will vary depending on how many members you're hosting, and how much they're consuming milk, sugar, or tea!

3. The Codi touch

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A Codi is hardly a Codi without the Codi mugs! You should be receiving a few within your host welcome kit. If not, please request them at

You can also put a Codi sticker on the side of your coffee machine to make it look even more pro!

4. Where to set up your coffee station

The best 2 options are a separate area on your kitchen countertops or a stand alone cabinet or kitchen island. Keep in mind that it's convenient to place the coffee station close to sink in oder to refill the machine with water or brew some tea.


You're now all set, on your way to become a SuperCodi host! 👏

You're proud of your setup? Share your Codi coffee station with us on instagram @codiwork! 🙌

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