Setting Your Lockbox Check-In For Success

Self check-in is by far the preferred access method for members. Here are easy steps to set you up for success.


1. Get a lockbox 🔓

This lockbox model is very common and affordable (~$25). It's easy to set up, you'll find instructions on how to create your code.

Where to buy lockboxes:

- Home Depot
- A local hardware store

If you want to be able to generate a one-time access code per booking, you can consider lockboxes with bluetooth connectivity. The price will be $80-$130. Learn more.

2. Put one or several sets of keys inside 🔑

Several members will arrive at different times of the day. It's often easier to get in for the first member to arrive. But what happens to the second or third member? Will they find a key in the lockbox or need to be buzzed in? Make sure to address this in your check-in instructions.

To determine how many keys you need to put in the lockbox, see what situation best matches yours :

  • The member only needs one key to get in and the door is automatically locked from the outside: you can put only one key in the lockbox and ask the member to put it back after he/she opened the door.
  • The member only needs one key to get in, but the door has to be locked manually: you should put at least 2 sets of keys, and indicate to members who may not find a key in the lockbox how to be buzzed in by those already in the space. 
  • The member needs several keys to get in: you should put at least 2 sets of keys, and indicate to members who may not find a key in the lockbox how to be buzzed in by those already in the space. 

If you put several keys in the lockbox, make sure the lockbox can still open smoothly. You may need to consider larger lockboxes if not.

3. Decide where to put your lockbox

IMG_6212 (1)

The easiest for members to find, the better! If possible, leave the lockbox in plain sight on the front door. Utility providers have rules against placing any items on water, gas and electric meters or lines.

Complete your Check-in Instructions: Host Dashboard > Listing > Guest Resources

Take a picture of your lockbox and its surroundings, circle the lockbox, and make this picture your first check-in step. Add a clear description on where to find the lockbox:

Example: "Look for this lockbox, right out front, connected to the flowerbed."

4. Explain how to open the lockbox 👐

This is still part of the first check-in step, after you helped the member identify where to find the lockbox. In addition to providing the lockbox code, make sure to explain how to open it - it can be tricky!

Example: "The code is 1983. Type in code then pull down the black lever to the left of the digits to reveal the key inside."

5. What if... there's no key in the lockbox? 🤔

Things sometimes don't go as planned! Make sure to include instructions in the event the member doesn't find the key, at the end of your first check-in step: can they get buzzed in? how should they contact you? 

6. Tell members when to put the key back in the lockbox 🚨

See section 2. Depending on your situation:

  • Members can keep the keys until check-out -> you should let them know they are expected to put the keys back upon check-out. You can do so in the description of your last check-in step, and by leaving a note on the back of your front door. 
  • Members need to put the key(s) back after checking-in so that other members can access the space -> you should ask them to put the key back at the right step of your check-in process, in the description field.

7. Leaving for lunch break 🍏

Members typically leave and come back for lunch. Should they be aware of any change in how to leave and re-enter the space? If so, include this in your Codi Booklet, and potentially leave a note on the back of your front door.


You're now all set, on your way to become a SuperCodi host! 👏