When are the service fees due?

You are billed 20% of the service fees on the signature date of your Enterprise Membership Plan covering the full Initial Term, and 80% of the remaining service fees on the service start date of the Initial Term. After the Initial Term, your plan will automatically renew on a regular basis (the “Renewal Term”) as specified in the Enterprise Membership Plan. Such Renewal Term(s) may be subject to changes in the Enterprise Program, including Amenities, number and locations of Codi Spaces, number of Memberships, and the related Fees.

You can receive additional invoices during any Term to cover Add-Ons Fees or any additional Membership Fees covering new seats or locations created after the Service Start Date. Renewal with increased Fees will not take place without the organization’s approval.

Your organization may terminate the Enterprise Membership by providing us with written notice no later than 30 days prior to the desired effective date of termination. Your organization must deliver any termination notice to enterprise@codi.com.

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