Zoom Room Instructions

If your team has rented a Zoom Room for your workspace, please follow these instructions to utilize:

  1. Please turn on the TV. The Codi Zoom welcome screen should be displayed.
  2. Use the provided iPad to host a new meeting, or join a meeting by entering the meeting ID.
  3. To host a meeting:
    1. Tap on ‘New Meeting’ on the iPad Zoom screen.
    2. This will activate the camera and microphone. Video of your conference room will be displayed on the TV.
    3. Tap ‘Invite’ to view and email the meeting link, ID, password, and dial-in information.
    4. To share a screen during a meeting:
      1. Click ‘Share Content’ from the iPad control screen.
      2. Depending on the computer being used, tap on the ‘Desktop’ option, and on the computer with the information to be shared, go to share.zoom.us and enter the sharing information displayed (PC) OR click on ‘iPhone/iPad’ and follow the screen sharing instructions displayed.
      3. When finished with the system, please remember to turn off the TV, put the iPad to sleep, and connect the provided keyboard, trackpad, and iPad to their chargers.

Note: Please do not log out of Zoom or any of the Mac Mini or iPad. If one of these systems has been logged out, please contact support@codi.com to receive instructions on how to reconnect and log in. Please do keep in mind that there is a 1-3 day servicing window to re-establish access to the Zoom system and someone from your team will need to be present in order to for a live walkthrough.

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