What additional amenities does Codi offer for my workspace?

Every Codi comes furnished with a set amount of standard amenities such as desks, office chairs, conference tables, a whiteboard, a TV, and a coffee machine.

However, if you’re looking to add extra amenities to your space, Codi has it covered. 

The Codi catalog has furniture and amenities to enhance and add to your kitchen/break room, workstations, conferencing rooms, and lounge areas. Choose from any of these options via the link below:


If you’re interested in adding any of these to your new or existing workspace, please get in touch with your Codi sales representative or your Codi customer success manager. You can also contact us via the ‘contact us’ button at the top right of the help center, or email support@codi.com. The Codi team will then deliver your chosen add-ons to your workspace.

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