How’s the Wifi security in a company-reserved Codi?

Dedicated Password-Protected Bandwidth

Employees at a company-reserved Codi can have access to a dedicated bandwidth for their exclusive use to enhance privacy and increase security. The dedicated wifi network is a password protected SSID, which is unique and private to your company and employees. Codi Hosts ensure that networks are set up correctly and securely. The guaranteed minimum internet speed is 100 Mbs across all our US locations. We can provide upgraded internet speeds and IT solutions for your company. If you have unique internet requirements, please email to discuss if it is a fit.

Use VPNs to access your network

For further security, we recommend for your company to provide a VPN access (virtual private network) to your employees. This is a good practice in general for remote workforces. Employees can use VPNs as a method to secure and encrypt their communications. When you connect to a VPN, a VPN client is launched on your computer. When you log in with your credentials your computer exchanges keys with another server. Once both computers have verified each other as authentic, all your Internet communication is encrypted and secured from outside prying.

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